Success Story - Masterbuilt


Digital process transformation promises faster time to market, sharper competitive edge and increased revenue

Masterbuilt is a family-owned company in Georgia that develops and manufactures outdoor cooking equipment, including grills, smokers, fryers and cookers.


Masterbuilt is growing rapidly and needed a way to tighten up their product development timeline. The company’s internal development process includes four stages, with each stage representing an increasing number of people involved in the process and potential for multiple interactions within each stage.

The development process had traditionally been managed with a paper-based system, moving from desk to desk, making it difficult to identify the progress of projects at any point in time. This process also created time delays, leading to increased cost. The paper-based development process needed to move to a digital platform.


RDA reviewed Masterbuilt’s paper-based forms, focusing on the data that was collected about the product and development workflows. The preliminary initiation phase was recreated digitally on a cloud-based SharePoint platform, triggering the workflow process for the Product Development teams.

The digital workflow moves forms and data from group to group, following Masterbuilt’s traditional 4-stage development process. The new system tracks the process metadata, so now the team can see the status of every project at any time.


While only two of the four phases of RDA’s work have been completed, improvements are already being realized. Now, staff can access and participate in the development process from anywhere without delay when team members are away from their desks. There is also more accountability on the part of each group for moving the development process forward.

A single phase has been reduced to just a fraction of the original process timeline. Upon completion of all four phases of work, Masterbuilt expects its development process to be reduced by approximately a third, strengthening the company’s competitive advantage and reducing its development costs.

Technical Chops

  • Skill sets
    • Business process modeling
    • Cloud architecture
    • Security
  • Tools
    • Microsoft Office 365
    • SharePoint Online
    • JavaScript
    • Digital Studio
    • C#

Business Drivers

  • Improving administrative productivity
  • Accelerating innovation
  • Increasing efficiency through digital transformation
  • Strengthening competitiveness
  • Increasing revenue