Digital Commerce Directly Impacts Customer Loyalty, Customer Engagement

 Digital commerce is on the rise once again, according to a new Gartner survey of marketing executives, and its importance lies, in part, in its ability to directly impact and drive customer loyalty and customer engagement.

“Digital commerce matters to marketers on multiple levels, from driving incremental revenue, to measuring attributable performance, to gaining customer insight through direct engagement,” said Jake Sorofman, research vice president at Gartner. [...]

How Location-Based Marketing Will Evolve In 2017

Location-based advertising and marketing technology has seen tremendous growth and improvement in 2016.

Thanks to innovations in location intelligence, marketers can now leverage real-time data to better target consumers based on where they go, effectively measure how digital ads drive foot traffic into stores, and even connect the consumer journey from ad exposure to store visit to purchase data.

Location intelligence is a massive industry. [...]

Retail Loyalty Programs Key To Competitive Advantage

For retailers, differentiating their brand in a crowded space is not only critical but also more difficult than ever. This is because consumers have more shopping choices at their disposal, whether shopping at a specialty retailer or mass merchandiser, on from a computer or mobile device.

However, according to a worldwide Nielsen survey, a retail loyalty program can be an effective way to create competitive advantage by reducing customers’ likelihood to switch stores. [...]

How Mobile And Big Data Are Changing Retail Marketing

For many retailers, mobile has shifted from a long-term consideration to the driving force for growth, delivering new customers and revenues — right now. “Mobile is the primary growth channel, traffic channel and soon to be revenue channel for e-commerce,” says Chris Mason, CEO and co-founder of Branding Brand, a digital platform that helps retailers build app, web and in-store shopping experiences. “New customers typically first interact with a brand online through mobile web and once they become a loyal customer, adopt their app,” he says. [...]

2017 Predictions For Mobile Marketing And Loyalty Trends

Mobile marketing and customer loyalty are not new ideas or tactics, but the strategy behind them has been evolving dramatically in the past few years, and that momentum is going to continue through 2017.

According to eMarketer, the majority of U.S. marketers intend to allocate more of their budgets to customer loyalty in 2017, and about 13 percent said they anticipate significant increases in spending on such programs.

For brands and marketers, their strategy needs to go beyond just having an application or a stagnant loyalty program. [...]

Why You Aren't Selling More Online (and how to fix it)

It remains an elusive element in the online sales and marketing efforts of so many professionals I talk to and observe each week.

You cannot avoid it, not if you want to bridge the gap between claiming authority and actually demonstrating it online.

(And, rest assured, far more people are claiming they are an authority as opposed to actually proving it these days. [...]

Balancing Personalization In Retail - Retail Merchandiser

Frequent Amazon shoppers are familiar with the row of recommended items based on their search history or purchase history. It might not always be relevant to what you're looking for in that moment, but it’s a nice personal touch, especially if you buy a lot of books and movies. It could lead you down a rabbit hole of discovering something you might not have ever thought to search for. And it’s not just Amazon. Many retailers are striving to offer a more personalized shopping experience. [...]

The Future Of Pipeline Marketing: Trends Marketers Need To Watch For

2016 has been a year of technological innovation and adoption in the B2B marketing world. Over the span of the year the number of MarTech vendors has nearly doubled, over $1 billion in venture capital has been invested in marketing technology, and marketing budgets have grown exponentially (“Walker Sands State of Marketing Technology 2017 Closing the Gap Between Martech Innovation and Adoption,” 2016). With the growth in solutions, channels, and data, marketers have increasingly become more analytical and strategic when implementing campaigns to drive revenue. [...]

How To Use Apps To Make Customers More Loyal

Loyal customers are vital for the survival of a business. Customers who keep returning not only provide the revenues a business needs to keep lights on and computers running, but they are often the ones driving in new customers through excited word-of-mouth. Any good business leader knows that the more loyal customers a business has, the longer that business will thrive.

However, generating loyalty isn’t necessarily easy. [...]

Welcome To The World Of Connected Creativity

There’s a trend in digital marketing that will result in what I am referring to as Connected Creativity. It’s the ability for marketers to leverage data, create more engaging, more personalized storylines across channels and devices, and be truly creative in their execution. This three-dimensional strategy represents the evolution of the role of creative in a digitally driven marketing environment.

TV — or actually video, these days — is considered by many to be the best platform for delivering emotionally charged creative. [...]

Use Of Retail Apps On The Rise As Brand Loyalty Increases

According to a new white paper from App Annie titled, “The Growth of Retail Apps: What Retailers Can Learn from Top Apps,” mobile disruption to retail is no longer a distant threat. It’s arrived. Many retailers are now omnichannel and experiencing the benefits mobile can bring to their existing businesses.

By following best practices for retail apps, the white paper notes, including effective user acquisition and engagement strategies, traditional retailers can further enhance their success on mobile. [...]

Forrester B-to-B Marketing Predictions: Customer Focus To Sharpen

Will 2017 be the year that business-to-business marketers finally get serious about so-called account-based marketing? That's what Forrester Research predicts in its b-to-b marketing forecast for next year.

The resurgence of account-based marketing means b-to-b marketers will become more customer-focused and put less emphasis on products and solutions, said Laura Ramos, Forrester analyst and author of the report..

While the concept of account-based marketing has been around for more than a decade, it resurfaced this year as a real business goal, she said. [...]

Five Ways To Caffeinate Your Customer Experience In 2017

If you aren’t thinking about how to amp up your customer experience for 2017, you’re already behind. Customers are demanding more personalization and they’re making brands pay – by abandoning a brand altogether – if they don’t have a great customer experience at every interaction throughout the buying cycle and across every channel whether physical or virtual. A customer can buy a cup of coffee from basically anywhere. [...]

B2B Mobile Apps: Why Your B2B Business Needs To Care About Mobile

Mobile apps are garnering a lot of attention in the world of B2B eCommerce. In a recent survey of global product and supply companies, 65% of respondents said that they offered a mobile optimized site. The same percentage said that they offered B2B mobile apps. More than two thirds of these companies cited brand awareness and customer engagement as their primary motivations for offering B2B mobile apps, while nearly half gave increased sales as their primary objective.

Surveys like this underscore the growing importance of mobile for online marketing success. [...]

Integrated Digital Delivery Models: It’s Now Or Never

61% of financial executives say the customer experience in digital channels is a top priority, but only 15% say they are using digital platforms as a primary way to connect with consumers. To drive more value and increase customer satisfaction, it's time financial institutions build their delivery model around digital channels.

What is digital transformation? Gartner defines it as the creation of new business designs that blur the digital and physical worlds to reach goals that could not be reached earlier, faster, or cheaper, otherwise. [...]

The Martech Lowdown: 2016 Trends In Review And A Look At Our Bright Future

Reviewing advances and setbacks in the marketing technology and ad tech industries in any given year is like watching a NASCAR race. There are drivers who push the limits and either succeed or fail and others who can’t quite get out of the starting gate.

But some things remain constant each year: Technology gets smarter, and marketers, digital enthusiasts and consumers get more knowledgeable about using digital tech, allowing new trends to emerge.

This year was no different. [...]

From Persona To Personal: The Potential Of The Customer Experience

Each passing generation of marketers has been chasing the same carrot: how to communicate directly with each customer in a personal way. In other words, how can a company deliver personalized and relevant experiences as well as information that will alter the behavior of their customers to benefit both parties?

The closest we’ve come to personalized communication is narrowing the perimeters of our potential audiences into life-choice buckets. We started with demographics and combined that with psychographics. [...]

5 Ways To Turn Customer Experience Data Into Dollars

There are plenty of options for creating custom customer surveys, an ever increasing number of platforms tracking social media brand engagement, and many services for recording the behavior of digital customers while on ads website or app.

And yet, many companies still cannot figure out how to use all of those tools in to improve the bottom line — although no one denies customer experience measurement can give their company a competitive advantage. [...]

Customer Loyalty Programs Make For A Marketer’s Secret Weapon

If you look around at the leading companies and brands in your industry, you’ll notice that just about every one has some sort of customer loyalty program in place. This isn’t a coincidence. If you want to maximize your marketing efforts, you need to have one as well.

The "why" behind customer loyalty programs

If your business has failed to invest in a customer loyalty program up until this point, you need to ask yourself a simple one-word question: why? [...]

Use Big Data To Create Value For Customers, Not Just Target Them

Big data holds out big promises for marketing. Notably, it pledges to answer two of the most vexing questions that have stymied marketers since they started selling: 1) who buys what when and at what price? and 2) can we link what consumers hear, read, and view to what they buy and consume?

Answering these makes marketing more efficient by improving targeting and by identifying and eliminating the famed half of the marketing budget that is wasted. [...]

5 Ways To Build Beautiful Customer Relationships

Technology has become a permanent fixture in our lives but using it to create a relationship that works for both sides takes care and consideration. How can you transform a budding attraction into a fully formed customer journey?

Here are five key principles for building and deepening lasting customer relationships:

1. Be Consistent

Customers’ experiences with companies are formed by their interactions at every stage of the purchasing process. [...]

3 Digital Marketing Trends The Customer-centric CMO Must Prepare For Now

Digital marketing is on the precipice of major change, driven by new technologies and the multi-screening, highly connected consumer.

Consider the following recent research that demonstrate the pain points in the industry:

While these statistics are concerning, for pioneering CMOs, they highlight the opportunities for improvement and forward momentum. In fact, I’ve seen trends taking shape within the industry that I expect will lead to some of the most exciting digital marketing changes of our lifetime. [...]

Four Advantages Of A Mobile Product Catalog

With mobile accounting for 30% of all B2B eCommerce sales, it’s imperative that suppliers of all shapes and sizes digitize their catalogs, for use by both customers and sales reps. If you’re using an eCommerce platform, then you likely already have a digital ordering platform of some kind. With this in mind, it’s important to look to optimizing your mobile product catalog along with your desktop one, and to understand the differences between the two.

Different device-specific catalogs fulfill different customer needs. [...]

Why Marketers Still Can't Figure Out Their Data

Programmatic advertising is a victim of its own hype. Its power has been obscured by a plague of buzzwords and industry jargon, distracting from data’s potential to transform digital marketing. That’s left marketers in nothing more than a dizzying data-driven spin: they know their objective, but they don’t know what they should expect from the very vendors who are promising to help them meet it.

That’s one of the biggest reasons why nearly half of marketers today are still struggling to make use of their data, according to an IDG Connect survey. [...]

Customers' Digital Behavior Drives CIOs To Partner With CDOs, CMOs

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. -- The emergence of the chief digital officer in some enterprises has revived theory that the CIO role is doomed. But CIOs say that partnerships with CDOs, CMOs and other senior executives who own different aspects of the business are essential to fostering healthy digital transformations.

"You read the press [about] the rise of the CDO, the demise of the CDO, the threats that the CDO places to the CIO," said CVS Health CIO Stephen Gold, on a digital transformation panel at the MIT Sloan Symposium Wednesday. "But I don't see it that way. [...]

6 B2B Marketing Predictions For Summer 2016

Marketing innovation is thriving, and the opportunities for B2B business to ride its waves are expanding each year. And with new developments in numerous avenues of digital marketing, the summer of 2016 will be no different.

One of this year’s most notable trends involves more and more B2B companies employing B2C techniques, such as video advertising and advocate marketing. These tactics are shaping B2B marketing into a more human, relatable way of communicating with customers. [...]

18 Stats About Marketing Analytics That Will Make You Nervous

According to an IBM survey of over 700 CMOs, one of the top four priorities this year is to “inject data-driven insights into every marketing decision.”

We all know how valuable data is — just look at the hundreds of data and marketing analytics vendors that have sprouted up in the last few years for confirmation. The problem is, most of us aren’t using data anywhere near its full potential.

And that’s crazy when you think about how much we’re investing in data and all we could be doing with the data and technology that exists today. [...]

Can marketing tech track the entire customer lifecycle?

Can marketing tech track the entire customer lifecyle?

It’s old news that technology is the beating heart of today’s marketing. In fact, deep within the desktops, laptops and mobile devices of any enterprise marketing department you’ll find a complex technology stack of solutions. [...]

Five Reasons Predictive Marketing Software Should Be Your New BFF

Five Reasons Predictive Marketing Software Should Be Your New BFF

Let me paint a picture for you. It's the year 2000. You're the CEO of a marketing firm. You receive a knock at the door. You let the bright-eyed, optimistic Google AdWords salesperson into your office. You listen skeptically as he explains the value of "keyword-rich content" and advises you regarding which specific keywords you should purchase. [...]

What Customer-Centric Predictive Analytics Looks Like

The idea of using predictive analytics to understand and influence customer behavior has tantalized retail and hospitality industries.

It's not a new idea. Retailers, communication service providers, transportation and hospitality industries have used many predictive models to understand consumer behavior in the past. However, with changes in business models and consumer behavior, the predictive patterns change too.

On the one hand cloud, social and mobile have changed how consumers interact with businesses. [...]