We’re a group of exceptionally smart people who are excited about the work we do with our clients. And despite our extreme affinity for all things technical (computer science club, anyone?), we’re people you’d actually enjoy hanging out with.

We’ve been doing what we do since 1988. Many of our people have been with us since the very beginning, while some hadn’t even been born when we first opened our doors. The beauty of our model is in tapping the best resources from both pools of talent—the veterans who bring years of architecture and analysis experience, and the young guns who live on the bleeding edge of the latest technologies.

Our Development Center is where many of our team members first get started with RDA, delivering efficient, highly technical solutions fueled by a level of passion that borders on zealotry. Our field professionals–those select few who successfully navigate an intense, multi-step interview process–bring real-world business acumen that can’t be matched without the benefit of years in the industry.

All of this talent resides in-house. That alone is a solid reason to do business with us. Another is the team dynamic that keeps us focused on outstanding solution development. We’ve sweated nights and weekends together when a project required it; we’ve crammed to pass certifications together; and we’re relentless when it comes to reviewing each other’s work. It’s all in the name of delivering better solutions, and we challenge each other in that regard on a daily basis.

Together, we represent a formidable group with explosive energy, laser focus, and an insatiable drive to deliver bottom-line results.